The Treasure of Miracle Tree

The healing legend began with the world’s one and only magical tree. Twenty years of research by a biochemistry expert had uncovered the rubber tree that can heal itself through the release of phytochemicals even after daily deterioration, the secret behind its self-healing mechanism which allows itself to be recovered only at night time. Such groundbreaking finding supported by biochemical innovations had introduced the ultimate Lavish-C SerumTM essence to the world.

20 Years of Research

The quest for rare beauty began 20 years ago, a discovery of the rarest treasure and the most priceless Lavish C SerumTM found in Hevea Brasiliensis through 1,200 failed experiments by a biochemist. Lavish-C Serum™ provides priceless medical benefits in the form of super-antioxidant, vitamins and minerals. A treasure transformed by science, it purifies an essence out from the rubber milk which helps to repair skin cell on your face and empower skin’s beauty, skin now looks much more brighter, shiner, healthier, re-awakened, firmer and better lifted.


From the ground breaking discovery, the Cream De Latex patented Lavish C Serum™ is enriched and empowered by its Super Antioxidant. The essence of the rubber milk can be extracted only little a year from over 200,000 six-year-old rubber trees, and merely in Thailand. Renowned from it rarity, the value of the lavish-c is as expensive as the finest diamond. The ultimate Lavish-C Serum™ provides priceless medical benefits along with 18 types of vitamin and mineral which help to transform and ejuvenate every facet of skin surface. Its deep repair power helps to bring back skin’s radiance and brightness with youthful inner shine restoration.