The healing legend began with the world’s one and only magical tree. This next-generation ground-breaking (bio-chemical) innovation led to the introduction of the ultimate Lavish-C SerumTM essence. This ultimate healing essence provides priceless medical benefits. Driven by nourishing and regenerating power, the research-guaranteed Lavish-C SerumTM is the heart of Cream De Latex in repairing damaged skin, strengthening skin’s health, brightening, rejuvenating, smoothening and reviving skin to its best condition. Gain back your youth magically. Skin is brighter and shinier like never before.


A fascinating natural compound, extracted from cell wall of special yeast, which helps to maintain a youthful skin appearance. This essential Beta Glucan fundamentally protects you against UV light damage and works indirectly yet magically in a human immune system by activating the production of an important part of the immune system called the Langerhan cells, rejuvenating you thoroughly in absolute comfort, gives a natural empowering protection and deep repairing for damaged skin cells, significantly reduces skin inflammations day-to-day, a healthy youthful you.


In a moment of pure natural power, this signature ingredient N-Acetylglucosamine (NAG), a derivative of glucose, infuses deeply to help reduce the amount of melanin in skin cells especially the hyperpigmentation, reveals a new bright indulging appearance without annoying age spots and uneven melanin distribution on face. Skin dramatically starts to be more resilient, flawless than ever.