Best of Whitening & Anti Aging Serum SUDSAPDA MAGAZINE BEAUTY AWARDS 2016

Dear Fans of Sudsapda magazine, your one of the most famous local magazines just announced the results of the Sudsapda “Beauty Awards 2016” on August 16, 2016.

The award of Best of Whitening & Anti Aging Serum goes to Cream De Latex’s star product Lavish Emulsion: Intensive White-Repair Serum. It received the highest score from the qualifying products in the same group. Cream De Latex has scientifically proven results for actual use . Skin gets brighter, shinier and firmer. The freckles, fine lines and dark spots are faded. The anti-aging efficacy and whitening power are faster than conventional products . Most users agreed that it really worked and improved their skin conditions, very Impressive!